markblake replied

76 weeks ago

Who to blame ISPs?
I was thinking about the fastest internet ever could be and i searched over the internet.
I found many speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 40 Gbps…

And so many countries like korea japan i once in childhood days in 1997 1999 i used to laugh that these countries have so many offices all connected and using computers in since 1992. So these countries with belgium, romania, switzerland …have now priveledge to be using fastest ISPs server internet providers.
In india as internet came into general public use in 1996…and speed in home isp and cyber cafe were snail pace at 256kbps. Some indians were using 128kbps till 2007 still i read somewhere that some indian enthusiasts had amased gigabytes of hindi their times fav movie stacks of songs as well and english movies too. But how did they downloaded it in 1999 2002 ?!! I am confused,….but now that internet itself became a database so movie followers have no need to visit cd/cassette club again and they won't forget the memorable ones. As they are available easily on the internet and no need to await for days as when rambo movie or alien movie would again be shown on HBO and star movies….subscribing or demanding a movie…etc.
But as i see the modern age i found that how come our cable line provider too has coaxial line of internet isp too T-base something…which i never took.
Mine is broadband of local indian telecom sending a 4 Mbps line which halves operates at mere 2 Mbps.
I read in mumbai there are 5 million fastest internet users of 50 to 150 Mbps nowdays…..
So many people in mumbai hide this,,…so what are their day to day uses i am confused if 2 Mbps is the same as 150 mbps…!! If they are not downloading………..If men are so energetic and have interest in porn etc so they are much more on internet…but why women girls on internet….?!!! Cooking on the screen ?
Or i guess new age tv fibre optics channel subscription over sat dish tv and conventional cable tv lines….
And some are private lease line providers too of parent usa some internet company. New business field…what is then satellite internet new internet service…where i read a satellite directly acts as a ISP provider and a small dish transponder is attached at subscribers' home….but giving some ups and downs speeds up to 200 Mbps in mumbai….???
Then i came across this webpage…. Global wireless networking solutions | LigoWave
What in the world what components specifications transponders are shown in this webpage…where are this gadgets used?
After some years like ten years or so where would the world be in internet age… people would install microchip inside human brain and they would see receive frequencies isp micro data inside their spectacles…

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Field Engineer replied

52 weeks ago

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Ajay Varma replied

44 weeks ago

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sohbet replied

32 weeks ago

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sohbet replied

14 weeks ago

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